10 Important Questions to Ask Your Construction Company

We all are well aware of the fact that building a new home or to remodel the old is hugely emotional and financial decision. So if you are planning on such a huge investment in your life, there are few question you need to ask before selecting a construction company. Read this piece of writing before choosing among the given choice of contractors to have the best man for the job. Also check out: Edina, Minnetonka, Wayzata and Eden Prairie Custom Homes and Remodeling.

What would be the schedule?

The schedule is not all at the start and the end time in a project. In fact, the schedule will be a borderline that will determine the timing of all the task and give a tool to check the progress of the project.

Who is going to supervise the project?

Well, it is the most crucial question in any construction project. As the supervisor is the only person who will make sure the timely completion of the project with quality. So ask your construction company about the person and his complete professional history of handling the projects.

What protection measure you will use?

Asking the question regarding the protection measure would be wise. It will give you an idea regarding the practices used by the company to get rid of the demolition mess. Moreover, you have to take into consideration that fact that use of heavy machinery is going to affect the other parts of the house.

What would be the mode of communication?

Although there is various mode of communication available nowadays. Still, you have to talk this out about the construction of what kind of communication they will use to communicate? All this is important to get the information regarding the progress of the project and if there are certain issues arise.

What is the concerning part of the project?

Well, there is always some part of the project who stir concern. It would be advisable to talk out that part of the project before starting the construction to avoid future issues.

How will they handle the change order? A change order is common in all kind of construction projects. Sometimes the price of eh project needs to be changed but most of the time it is the schedule and other things that need the change order. So how is your construction company going to handle the change is the significant question.

How am I be able to make a decision?

Well, you decided to construct or remodel the home already. It is time to ask your contractor how is he going to communicate to you if you need to make a decision? There are several methods to assist you in your decision making including spreadsheets, to-do list etc. however, you have to first talk about the way in which you will be provided by the material and when to make a decision?

How to contact the contractor after hours?

As we all admit that for the timely communication and speeding up the process the construction company must have the owner’s emergency number. But the same rule applies to the contractor. You have to exchange all your numbers including phone, landline, and fax so that there left no hindrance in communication.

When do we meet?

Apart from the weekly meeting, there would come several events where you need to be present on the site for inspection or choosing the best option. So discuss with your construction company at which event they are going to need your presence?

What would be the end of project paperwork?

Confirm the fact that you are going to receive all the important documents associated with the project including lien releases, copies of inspection, mark up plans etc.

Having asked all the above mention question to your construction company will help you to envisage the project and to complete it on time.