How Health Reform Helps Communities of Color

The historic health reform law moves our nation toward a health care system that covers many more people, reforms the insurance industry, improves the quality of care, and curbs rising costs. The benefits and protections in the new law also lay a critical foundation for eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities and promoting health equity.

Communities of color stand to gain from the new health care law—both from those provisions that will affect all communities but have a disproportionate impact on communities of color and from those that are designed specifically to eliminate health disparities. We have selected a number of states to show how provisions in the new law will benefit their communities of color.

These fact sheets are being released September 15 through October 25, 2010.

Alabama Louisiana Ohio
Arkansas Maryland Oregon
California Michigan Pennsylvania
Colorado Minnesota Rhode Island
District of Columbia Mississippi South Carolina
Florida Missouri Tennessee
Georgia Nevada Texas
Hawaii New Hampshire Utah
Illinois New Jersey Virginia
Indiana New Mexico Washington
Iowa North Carolina Wisconsin